Position of the human vagina

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British and World English lexicon. Female mammals usually have two external openings in the vulva, the urethral opening for the urinary tract and the vaginal opening for the genital tract. Report of a case and a brief review of the literature". The vagina loquens , or "talking vagina", is a significant tradition in literature and art, dating back to the ancient folklore motifs of the "talking cunt". Social Movements and Culture. Women may derive pleasure from one part of the vagina, or from a feeling of closeness and fullness during vaginal penetration. The vagina lengthens during the arousal, and can continue to lengthen in response to pressure; as the woman becomes fully aroused, the vagina expands in length and width, while the cervix retracts.

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Little girls often make the common mistake of thinking that they're urinating out of their vaginas.

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What is the clitoris?

Blood is supplied to the vagina mainly via the vaginal artery , which emerges from a branch of the internal iliac artery or the uterine artery. When not sexually aroused , the vagina is a collapsed tube, with the front and back walls placed together. Female Genital Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. The epithelium of the ectocervix the portion the uterine cervix extending into the vagina is an extension of, and shares a border with, the vaginal epithelium. The Multimedia Guide to the Non-human Primates:

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