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I think the additional unasked question is, why are these outfits perceived as provocative? Now, with much more relaxed social structures, the only thing that I think matters is that a girl should cover herself from breast to well below her genitalia. If I felt they were wearing something inappropriate I would and have absolutely say something, but I didn't think that was what you were getting at in posing your original question. Reading it all, my heart sank. The saddest part is that our children are losing their innocence. Teen girls wear revealing clothes because it looks sexy and cool and it will get them the attention of men and women.

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Don't disagree with you.

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If teenage girls look frumpy at school, is that a bad thing?

And lets not be ignorant and say they are promoting a boys will be boys culture. So what about those distracted young boys? More Notes to Their Younger Selves: If I were to wear bermuda shorts, I would look very out of proportion. It is an insult to my pride that someone thinks that I am just a mindless, uncontrollable Testosterone-powered sexual beast, one from whom shoulders and bra straps must be diligently concealed.

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